2018 MTSS PLI has ended

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Wednesday, July 25

7:00am PDT

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8:45am PDT

Building Educational Trauma Informed Systems of Care (Sheraton Grand - Compagno) Sheraton Grand - CompagnoBetsy DeGarmoe Social Skills in the Digital Age: Using Tier 2 to Support 21st Century Skills (SCC 319) SCC 319Lina Bender, Ed.S • Toby Espley A Multi-level System Cycle of Improvement to Ensure Student Achievement (SCC 309) SCC 309Rebecca Harrison At Risk Student Groups: How Can MTSS Impact Your California School Dashboard (SCC 317/318) SCC 317/318Mayu Iwatani Basics of Assessing MTSS (SCC 311) SCC 311Dan Pollitt • Allyson Satter Building Community Partnerships in a Rural District (SCC 312) SCC 312Erika Fuentes • Ken Geisick Check-in Check-out: An Efficient and Effective Tier 2 Intervention for Youth at Risk (SCC 316) SCC 316Kimberli Breen College Readiness Assessments: A close analysis into a district’s landscape providing Access and Opportunity Sheraton Grand - BataglieriRicky Cherry • Tacey Rodgers Equity and Inclusion: Multi-tiered System of Support for ALL Learners (SCC 310) SCC 310Yvonne Contreras • Lise Reilly • Carol Truscott • Becky Wetzel Integrating Social, Emotional, and Academic Instruction for Student Success (SCC-Room 203) SCC - Room 203Wendy Baron MTSS Integration into Site Based Professional Learning Communities (SCC 302/303) SCC 302/303Dana Budd • Amber Gallagher • Katie Johnson Results Matter! The Counselor’s Role in Collecting, Analyzing & Sharing Data (SCC 305) SCC 305Danielle Duarte • Trish Hatch • Becky Love Role of Physical Activity & Fitness (SCC 304) SCC 304Chris Corliss Serving the Whole Child: Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) Priorities/Whole Child Resource Map Engagement Session (Part 1) (SCC - Room 202) SCC - Room 202Kristen Brown • Sandra Covarrubias • Crystal Young The Ventura County Office of Education MTSS Model in Action (SCC 301) SCC 301Jeremy Resnick Understanding and Responding to Adverse Childhood Experiences (Sheraton Grand - Carr) Sheraton Grand - CarrPamela Kahn Why Social-Emotional Learning Matters for MTSS (SCC-Room 204) SCC - Room 204Mai Xi Lee

9:20am PDT

10:00am PDT

Advancing MTSS (OMS Registration Required) (SCC-Room 203) SCC - Room 203Toby Espley • Laura Miltenberger • Pamela Tupy All in for SEL! Creating a Coherent Approach Across Learning Environments (SCC 316) SCC 316Joanne Clark • Kimberly Pace • Jennifer Peck Community Family Engagement (OMS Registration Required) (SCC 310) SCC 310Stephan Lambert • Dr. Christine Olmstead • Allyson Satter Counselors Role in MTSS (OMS Registration Required) (SCC 317/318) SCC 317/318Danielle Duarte • Trish Hatch • Mayu Iwatani Data-Driven Improvement for School Climate Through PBIS in Your LCAP (OMS Registration Required) (SCC 302/303) SCC 302/303Rhonda Beasley • Stephanie Tague Getting Started With UDL (Sheraton Grand - Compagno) Sheraton Grand - CompagnoRhonda Marriott • Pamela Tupy Getting to Know Restorative Practices (RP) (Sheraton Grand-Carr) Sheraton Grand - CarrLucy Vezzuto Introduction to MTSS (OMS Registration Required) (SCC-Room 202) SCC - Room 202Michael Lombardo • Jami Parsons Leadership Development in MTSS/Shifting from Reacting to Creating (OMS Registration Required) (Sheraton Grand-Magnolia/Camelia) Sheraton Grand - Magnolia/CameliaAmy McCart MTSS Starter Kit/ Practical Tools & Strategies (OMS Registration Required) (SCC - Room 204) SCC - Room 204Lina Bender, Ed.S • Dawn Miller Serving the Whole Child: Identifying Challenges, Defining Bright Spots & Connecting Data to Resources (Part 2) (SCC 312) SCC 312Kristen Brown • Sandra Covarrubias • Crystal Young Using MTSS for Secondary Education (OMS Registration Required) (SCC 311) SCC 311Jocelyn Bigay-Salter • Brandi Peterson

11:45am PDT

12:30pm PDT

1:45pm PDT

Integrating Academic and Behavior Interventions: A Function Based Approach (SCC 319) SCC 319Kimberli Breen • Lina Bender, Ed.S • Toby Espley A Deeper Dive into the Counselor's Role in MTSS (Sheraton Grand - Carr) Sheraton Grand - CarrDanielle Duarte • Trish Hatch • Becky Love Building a Coordinated System of Supporting Students (SCC 316) SCC 316Louise Barbee • Tracy Catalde • Darren Gapultos Effective Tools to Strengthen PBIS Implementation (SCC 312) SCC 312Ken Fitzgerald Engaging Students of Poverty within the MTSS Framework (SCC 305) SCC 305Cindy Toovey • Pamela Tupy Healthy Eating. Healthy Kids. Healthy Schools: An MTSS Approach to Creating Healthy School Environments (SCC 304) SCC 304Nadia Moya • Janis Price How to Facilitate Data Collection (SCC 311) SCC 311Dan Pollitt • Allyson Satter Integrating Mental Health Into Your MTSS (SCC 317/318) SCC 317/318Luke Anderson Kings River Union Elementary: A Single School District's Journey as a Knowledge Development Site toward MTSS Implementation (SCC 302/303) SCC 302/303Kristi Blatner • Jayson Camaquin • Sarah Humason • Sherry Martin LCAP & MTSS for Continuous Improvement (SCC 310) SCC 310Sarah Chevallier • Jannelle Kubinec Leveraging Differentiation Sheraton Grand - BataglieriDawn Miller • Karla Reed MTSS Implementation in a Large Urban School District (SCC 301) SCC 301Annmarie Serrano • Robert Whitman Social-Emotional Learning Resource Open House (SCC-Room 203) SCC - Room 203Sandra Azevedo • Wendy Baron • Lucy Vezzuto Starting with Why: An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning (SCC-Room 202) SCC - Room 202Ashley Serin Successful School Strategies: Foster Youth and Vulnerable Populations (Sheraton Grand - Compagno) Sheraton Grand - CompagnoBetsy DeGarmoe Supporting Children in Managing Strong Emotions in Early Childhood Classrooms (SCC-Room 204) SCC - Room 204Carly Bedard • Catherine Darker We're Not Ready for MTSS......What About a Pathway? (SCC 309) SCC 309Angela McKinney • Michael McSheehan • Jolly Piersall • Marcae Wilburn

2:20pm PDT

3:00pm PDT

Aligning District and Social-Emotional Learning Data to Support MTSS (SCC 304) SCC 304Gabi Zerbib Mindful Movement for All: How students of all levels and needs can benefit (SCC 319) SCC 319Mayu Iwatani • Dareen Khatib BELIEF: Meeting the Diverse Needs of English Learners (SCC 310) SCC 310Karen Foster • Molly McCabe • Alesha Ramirez College and Career Readiness with MTSS (SCC 301) SCC 301Danielle Duarte • Trish Hatch • Becky Love Equity and Inclusion: Multi-tiered System of Support for ALL Learners (SCC 305) SCC 305Lise Reilly • Carol Truscott • Becky Wetzel Going Deeper with Secondary MTSS (SCC 302/303) SCC 302/303Jocelyn Bigay-Salter • Brandi Peterson Implementation Science as a Lens for the Planning and Implementation of MTSS for Districts and School Sites (SCC 312) SCC 312John Schilling Including Students with Significant Intellectual & Communication Disabilities in MTSS (Sheraton Grand-Carr) Sheraton Grand - CarrMichael McSheehan • Dawn Miller Restorative Practice with a Multi-tiered System of Support (SCC 317/318) SCC 317/318Sarah Coley • Lina Bender, Ed.S SAT Suite of Assessments: Your school administered an assessment, now what? Sheraton Grand - BataglieriRicky Cherry • Tacey Rodgers Social-Emotional Learning Tier 1 and Tier 2 Strategies (SCC-Room 204) SCC - Room 204Kim Bryant • Susanna Winstead Sustaining Inclusive Behavior Instruction Through California's Multi-tiered System of Support Statewide (SCC 309) SCC 309Kimberli Breen • Michael Lombardo The ABCs of Wellness Taking Care of Yourself (Sheraton Grand-Compagno) Sheraton Grand - CompagnoBetsy DeGarmoe Universal Design for Learning: Foundations, Principles, and the Expert Learner (SCC-Room 202) SCC - Room 202Stacy Robb Using Inquiry Cycles to Promote Reflective Teaching and Effective Mentoring (SCC 316) SCC 316Christine Sisco • Gina Smith Using MTSS Data to Move Your System Forward (SCC 311) SCC 311Dan Pollitt • Allyson Satter

3:35pm PDT

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