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Annmarie Serrano

Los Angeles Unified School District
Intervention Coordinator
Annmarie Serrano has been an educator for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
for 18 years. Within her career in LAUSD, she has served as a School Psychologist, Specialist,
and currently an Intervention Coordinator within the Psychological Services Department.
Through each of these experiences, she has acquired expertise in several areas of education
(assessment and eligibility for special education, leadership, early intervention and prevention,
and educational reform) that has enabled her to become a strong advocate for underserved
student populations.
As a Specialist within Psychological Services, she has supervised school psychologists at all
levels and communicated federal, state and district policies related to assessment and eligibility
criteria for special education. This provided a strong foundation and belief in primary prevention
as a means to support the underachievement of students and reduce unnecessary referrals to
special education.
As an Intervention Coordinator, she has monitored the prevalence rates and disproportionality
within Special Education of student subgroups to certain eligibility categories where over and
under-representation exists. She embraced the opportunity to work with stakeholder groups to
develop district policy regarding a uniform pre-referral process to evaluate the academic,
behavioral, and social-emotional performance of PK-12 students, known as the Student Support
and Progress Team (SSPT). She has firsthand experience in building school level programs
using evidence-based practices that result in effective student outcomes. It is a philosophy that
“all students can learn given the opportunity”, an attitude that inspires her to embrace challenges
and take pride in her work. Currently, Annmarie is co-leading the District’s efforts to scale-up
Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) within LAUSD.
Annmarie Serrano, Intervention Coordinator, Psychological Services Division of Special Education
Los Angeles Unified School District

Throughout her career, Annmarie has maintained a belief in using data to develop priorities,
matching student needs to district resources, and the ability of school reform efforts to meet the
needs of all students.

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