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Robert Whitman

Los Angeles Unified School District
Director, Special Projects
Dr. Robert Whitman has been an educator in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for 17 years.  Within his career in LAUSD, he has served as a teacher, dean of students, assistant principal, principal, and is currently a director of special projects within the district’s Access, Equity and Acceleration Unit.  Through each of these experiences, he has acquired expertise in several areas of education (e.g., curriculum and instruction, special education, college readiness, school leadership, and education reform) that has enabled him to become a strong advocate for underserved student populations.
As principal of Manual Arts High School (MAHS), Dr. Whitman embraced the monumental task and opportunity to work collaboratively with stakeholder groups (i.e., teachers, parents, students, community members, and the district’s central office) to improve student achievement.  This collaborative effort led to a massive transformation (of what had been deemed an underperforming school) that embraced a theory of educational invitation to appropriately respond to the unique needs of each of its students.  This effort led to a 15% increase in MAHS’s graduation rate, outpacing the district’s average by 6%, a 95% reduction in student suspensions, and a sustained 1,500 student enrollment in a community of choice for public education.
Throughout his career, Dr. Whitman has maintained a philosophy of “leave it better than he found it,” an attitude that inspires him to embrace challenges and take pride in his work.  As a product of public schools, he remains steadfast in his belief that all students can learn and has firsthand experience—as a student and educator—that responsive public schools empower students to recognize their immeasurable potential.  His diverse experiences in education have given him the ability to synthesize information and communicate in a manner that garners strong relationships with school stakeholders and community partners.  Dr. Whitman recognizes the incessant nature of school reform and upholds a reflective attitude that enables him to remain committed to the work of educating all students.

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